Mia Wavy Wig

Mia Wavy Wig

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Mia is a natural colour wig. She is a frontal wig that can be stlyed different ways. The wig comes excatly as pictured above. The Knots have already been bleached, and the wig shampooed and conditioned. Mia is now ready to wear. The edges can be styled as desired using gel, mousse or edge control. For well defined curls, spray water on your curly wig and finger comb your wig shortly before use. For volume, wear your wig dry and finger comb for desired stlye.  



-Wash your wig approximately every 2 weeks with shampoo then conditon your wig using a moisture retention conditioner.

-Allow your Wig to air dry-avoid direct sunlight.

-When dry, comb and style hair using a straightner or a curling wand for desired look.

-Wig can either be straightened or curled.