Closure tiny Knotless braid wig

Closure tiny Knotless braid wig

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Please Note that this wig requires 14days business  ( or more) production before dispatch. Please allow enough time from when you need to use your wig.

You can order this braid wig in different colour or colour combination.


This is knotless braid wig style made on full lace wig.

Can be worn as a glue less wig using elastic band or layed down using glue. This wig is very light weight and can be worn for an extensive time. 
 Wig maintenance
-Use serum or hair oil of choice on your wig to maintain shine.

-Hang your wig when not in use to ensure it stays straight.

-If the braid strands appear bent or crooked, dip the wig in hot water and leave to air dry.